2017 Ford Escape EcoBoost

The Ford Escape doesn’t enlist on anybody’s radar when looking for a little hybrid, however on the other hand, it wasn’t putting forth anything noteworthy at the time the present era appeared, in 2013. In any case, with the 2017 facelift comes a couple of remarkable alternatives that makes it an emerge passage in this swarmed section.

The lodge configuration is extended, still current as far as plan, if somewhat occupied at first look. The trim materials utilized are among the best in this portion, with a halfway delicate touch dash and upper front-entryway ledges, and also some upholstery-coordinating cushioned entryway additions and armrests.

The back entryway ledges are hard plastic, as is everything else beneath the waist.Seating space is great, both front and back, albeit somewhat litter in each measurement than the new-for-2017 Honda CR-V. The front seats are modestly supported and agreeable, however the footwells can feel somewhat confined width-wise.

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