2018 Nissan Pathfinder in the UAE

The engine is V6 with a 3.5 L direct injection system. It gains a total of 271 HP with a torque of 340 Nm. Pathfinder is really powerful and has a gearless transmission which can be seen accelerating from low speeds which makes it a little pronounced.

The all wheel drive isn’t that much of a serious offroader but it has an option of Auto 4 wheel drive, hill start assist, hill descent control and a lock on 4×4 but there is no gearing in the low range. Nissan also picked a simple route for us which involved climbing a mountain road or a gravel track which had about 25 degree incline road, a deadly cliff and huge potholes in the middle. The road also had a ton of twists and turns as well.

This vehicle has upped the ante in terms of the overall appeal of this vehicle. This segment of a three row crossover is a really tough segment but this vehicle has all right ingredients. It didn’t earlier but now it does. The Pathfinder is without a doubt the best car in this segment.

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