Atmel Launches Latest Auto-Qualified maXTouch Controllers

The well-known Atmel Corporation most recently declared new auto-qualified maXTouch controllers for the use in the company’s in-car control mechanisms. These latest gadgets are expected to carry the present-day’s smartphone experience into up-to-date vehicles, even for motorists bearing gloves.

Extending the company’s collection of maXTouch auto-qualified gadgets, the latest mXT143E, and mXT224E advanced touch control systems are developed for the use with tiny auto touchpads and touchscreens up to seven-inches in overall diameter such as navigation systems, center stack display systems, rear-passenger entertainment systems, and radio HMIs (Human Machine Interface) systems etc.

By addressing the small size of the automotive touchpad and touchscreen devices, the latest mXT143E and mXT224E upgraded touch controllers match the firm’s progressing lineage of auto-qualified touchscreen control systems that greatly assist pads/screens from diameter sizes measuring from around two to twelve inches.

With the production and launch of the latest auto-qualified maXTouch machineries, the organization reinforces its standing as an industry leading touch trendsetter and provider. The maXTouch lineage is largely appreciated for its exceptional performance, and advanced feature set, including quick response time, unlimited touches, robust operation, touch precision, and considerably lower power consumption.

Both the new mXT143E and mXT224E controllers are truly devoted embedded functionality updates for worldwide auto industry. As stated by the prominent AEC-Q100, the new controllers are completely auto-qualified, as they have the capability to offer embedded functionalities that precisely meet particular auto design prerequisites, including reliable operation with gloved limbs, and even in tough external conditions, high temperature behavior etc.

The elevated signal to noise quotient of around 80:1 actually makes the new gadgets as the best choices for extremely noisy surroundings. The new devices have the ability to offer trouble-free operation, and support for gloved hand normal usage on auto touchpads and touchscreens. The latest mXT143E and mXT224E control systems embed X/Y spot calculation in addition to post processing algorithms including removal of unintentional touches.

With the upcoming touchpads and screens developed based on these latest maXTouch control systems, consumers can do multi-touch actions, while unintentional touches, for instance hand resting on the display screen, are completely prohibited. The devices consist of true twelve bit touch functionality with fully independent X/Y tracing for nearly up to ten simultaneous touché events in real-time, thus permitting for the greatest precision, and linearity.

Revision to high resolution display screens is fairly simply, and could be done in quick time. The consumer configurable quotient of X and Y positions aids a wide range of aspect quotients from 4:3 to maximum 16:9.

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