Jim Motovalli and the Greening of Wilton Connecticut

Wilton Connecticut is one of the oldest towns in America to go green at; it has also got a charging station and Jim Motvalli, writer of the book, ‘High Voltage: The Fast Track to Plug in Auto Industry’ has spoken something good about the town.

Going-Green won’t actually be possible without doing anything and since Wilton has been named as the most prosperous districts in America, it can pay for the EV setting.

Motovalli, a freelancer press reporter, book author, speaker, cum radio persona, writes about environmental facts on weekly basis for the New York Times. He is even the first personality in a series sponsored by Wilton’s Municipal Library and Go Green.

Jana Bertkau, President of Go Green said that company’s main aim is to educate Wilton Connecticut on ways to remain sustainable. Simply they do not approve the idea, if they feel its worthy, then they will not look back to choose it from speaker’s series.

Jim Motovalli, an author became the first speaker by installing car charger at the library. At Wilton library, there is a charging station and it might as well get installed at the train station. With new emission regulations, many more interesting facts may arrive in operating electric cars and they want to be leading in the race.

The copies of his book will be available for sale following his talk that would happen from 4.30 to 6pm today. You can check by clicking on Events or make a call by dialling 203-762-3950 or visit wiltonlibrary.com or register ext 213 for the series.

Mr Jim Motovalli spread a positive intact, if cautious look at auto field’s shifts towards electric vehicles. He addresses giants like GM, Toyota, Nissan, and Chevy as well as startup companies like Fisker and Tesla. He has also looked at entry levels like Wheego from Atlanta that developed a vehicle on $5million with just five employees in the team. It is a very small smart car called, Li Fe.

He will be giving speech along with power point presentation, showing how the virtual simplicity of EV design allows startups to get into the race and how many succeeded in the process and how many fell flat, though getting profits up to $40millions. Towns like Milton can go green with just average home sells for $million and $200,000 of annual income. Motovalli hopes that it is not just another domino or trickle-down theory, but can very much turn into reality, if followed diligently.

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